Track your child's growth and development easily

Description and Key Features

MyChild App tracks the growth of children from 1 to 24 months and guides the parent about how to take care of their child. It helps the parents to know if there is any delay in the development of their child and take actions beforehand. The app also guides the parents about their child’s development on a monthly basis.

Track your child's growth

Answer the questions about your child’s development and keep a track of their growth

Read and learn

Get frequent aggregated content in the form of short blogs about your child’s health

Find doctors

Search and book appointments with the doctors in your area, the feature is available in India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia

Take notes

Save medical prescriptions to avoid hassle in finding them and take notes about your child’s activities as well

Hear from the users

We have more than 11000 downloads from more than 138 countries

My child was suffering from delayed speech disorder. The app helped me in knowing which specialist should I be going to. I was unable to figure this out in the past 6 months.

-Anonymous user from around the world

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